Pro-militant media lies about jihadist successes in Hama, Idlib

As per usual, defeated jihadist groups in northern Hama province are turning to spreading false reports via pro-militant media outlets that their forces have achieved a number of offensive and defensive victories against the Syrian Army in Hama and Idlib.
The first lie disseminated in the last 12 or so hours is that militant groups recaptured the village of Al-Jisyat (south of Al-Hobait) in northern Hama. In reality, jihadist fighters have been too busy hiding from Syrian airstrikes and firefights around Al-Jisyat (still under government control) are nothing more than the usual stand-off clashes to be expected of an active front-line area.
The second lie began two days ago, with pro-militant media claiming that the Syrian Army was amassing forces in southeast Idlib opposite the town of Az-Zurzur in preparation for opening a new front.
This lie expanded last night into a claim that a major government attack on Az-Zurzur was repelled by insurgent groups and that “many” soldiers were killed. In reality, there was no Syrian Army attack on Az-Zurzur and the military has no operations planned on this front.
Muraselon News