North Syria: Turkish military suffers casualties due to YPG guided missile strike

According to reports from both Turkish and Syrian pro-militant media groups, two Turkish Army soldiers in Syria’s north have been wounded by a Kurdish YPG anti-tank guided missile strike carried out by against their position.
A full account of the situation is yet to emerge but preliminary information states that the attack took place in the Tal Riffat area of Syria’s Aleppo province.
Reports have gone on to state that Turkish rescue helicopters have been dispatched to the site of the attack to recover the wounded soldiers and that Turkish Army artillery units have fired on the source of the missile strike as well as other targets.
The strike by Kurdish militias against Turkish forces in Syria comes at a time of increased tensions between the two factions, especially given that Washington was supposed to have reached an agreement with Ankara for a Turkish-US patrol zone into YPG-controlled areas east of the Euphrates River.
Updates to follow.