Mankind's future depends on arms control talks with US – Russia at UN

The future of mankind depends on strategic arms control dialogue between Russia and the United States according to Russia’s acting permanent representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky.
The Russian diplomat argued that US tendency to pursue global hegemony and military dominance at the cost of political dialogue has brought the world one step closer to an uncontrolled nuclear arms race.
Polyansky did, however, express hope that “we [Russia] still believe that common sense and the instinct for self-preservation will get the upper hand among our Western partners” given that “the very existence of humankind is now at stake.”
Polyansky’s view, presented at the UN on Thursday, is not entirely over-dramatic. Recently the US unilaterally pulled out the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty – a historic agreement ratified between the US and then Soviet Union in 1987 to eradicate the short to intermediate range strategic missile arsenals of the two superpowers.
With the US having left the treaty under the Trump administration, and both Russia and the US now reintroducing short and medium range delivery systems into their nuclear arsenals, a Cold War-like strategic arms race as existed from the early 1950s all the way up to the mid 1980s has again returned.

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