Lattakia footage suggests Russian special forces presence (VIDEO)

Video footage very recently released from the northern countryside of Lattakia province suggests the involvement of Russian special forces at the front-line in ongoing offensive operations.
The Sputnik News Agency has released a minute of footage showing an Mi-28N attack helicopter in action against jihadist positions and movements amid clashes around the town of Kabani.
It should be understood that the Mi-28N is a specialized fire support platform, used specifically in Russian special forces operations rather than operations performed by standard army units. In this regard, Russian operators on the ground act as forward air controllers (FAC), identifying targets for the helicopter to engage and requesting fire missions.
Indeed in Syria, wherever Russian special forces have been known for a fact to operate, such as in the desert of eastern Homs province in support of 5th Corps operations against ISIS during 2017, Mi-28Ns are often featured conducting missions.

During the last few weeks, there have been rumors that Russian special forces are not just operating in support of Syrian Army missions in northern Hama and southern Idlib, but also in support of 4th Division units on the Kabani front in Lattakia.
Every now and then, a little more evidence, such as the video above, shows up to suggest this is the case.

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