Jihadists suffer big losses as Syrian Army scythes through north Hama

Jihadist fighters belonging to the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group (HTS; a Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate) have suffered heavy losses within their ranks amid a renewed offensive by Syrian Army forces in the northwestern Syrian province of Hama.
Field sources speaking to Muraselon News report that dozens (approaching 40 total) of HTS insurgents, a considerable number of them non-Syrian foreigners, have been either gunned down on the battlefield amid the advance of the Syrian Army or blown up by strikes from artillery and warplanes that preceded the ground assault.
A number of medium and heavy weapons belonging to HTS militants have also been either destroyed or abandoned too, sources named a number of equipment types including large-caliber machine guns, mortars, anti-tank weaponry and an assortment of technicals (armed vehicles).
Apparently some of the jihadist bodies (not included into the recent tally) are weeks old, having been killed in strikes from a while ago and simply left behind.

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On early Wednesday morning, the Syrian Army renewed its offensive in the northern countryside of Hama province after a five day pause linked to a ceasefire agreement that quickly collapsed. In the hours since the initial government assault, two towns – Arbaeen and Az-Zakah – have been liberated from jihadist militants.

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