Jihadist special forces training group leader confirmed dead in Idlib

The leader of a unique private military company that specifically trains jihadist special forces units in Syria has been killed by the Syrian Army amid heavy clashes in the southern countryside of Idlib province.
The media outlet for Malhama Tactical, the private military company in question, has released an official statement claiming that the group’s founder and leader, the Uzbek national Abu Salman Belarus (a.k.a Abu Rofik) has killed in action in southern Idlib.
Operating in Syria since 2015 (officially), the company has trained, advised and equipped jihadist special forces units, commonly called inghamasii, for shock operations against the Syrian Army.
Aside from training, the Malhama Tactical group has at times participated in militant offensives at the front-line, the first known example being the July-September 2016 Aleppo operation by insurgent groups.
With the death of Abu Salman Belarus in clashes against the Syrian Army (unless he was killed by an airstrike behind the front in Idlib), it would seem that the private military company is once again involved in operations at the front-line.

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