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Israel's media posts 2018 video as 'evidence' of recent Syria strike

Israel’s media has released a video which it claims as proof that it struck Iranian targets south of Damascus city in Syria on Saturday night – problem is, the video is from 2018, not 18 hours ago.
The video in question has been spread across Israeli Twitter accounts, including official accounts of Israeli politicians and political commentators, as ‘evidence’ of a successful strike against allegedly Iranian targets in Syria.
In reality, the video shown below is from an an Israeli strike that attacked a Syrian military site located in Damascus well over a year ago in 2018, not an Iranian site in Syria less than a day ago.

Watch Shimon Aran’s video

Watch the original video from 2018



On Saturday, must before midnight, Israel conducted a missile attack that hit southern Damascus. Syrian state media claims that most of the missiles were stopped. There are reports that of 8 missiles fired, six were intercepted by Syria air defense units – this suggesting that two got through to their targets.
Although Israel rarely admits to the many attacks it conducts in Syria, it almost always blames Iranian forces when it does; and then so, when Israeli media shows legitimate video evidence of a strike in Syria, it is almost always a Syrian military target being attacked – in particular air defense units.
Many believe that Israel’s so-called secret war against Iran in Syria is in fact just a war against the Syrian Army in Syria – something which Israel can rarely admit to doing unless it creates a defensive pretext.
Source : Muraselon News

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