Drone attack damages Hezbollah asset in Beirut, Lebanon – official

On the same night Israel conducted a major missile attack in Syria’s Damascus region, an explosive-laden drone damaged a Hezbollah asset in the capital of Lebanon according to one official from the group.
According to media reports that are still vague in detail, the attack in Lebanon’s Beirut involved at least two drones, one drone which crashed without causing any explosion and another drone which appears to have detonated.
AFP says it contact a Hezbollah official by the name of Mohamed Afif, citing the organization member saying that Hezbollah’s media center in Beirut had sustained damage due to the explosion caused by the second drone which fell near to it.
Neither the Hezbollah official talking to AFP, nor another official of the group talking to Associated Press specifically blamed Israel, however, a third official talking to Reuters has blamed Israel for the drone attack.
Whilst Israeli officials have officially admitted to Israel being responsible the attack that hit Syria, no comment has be provided on events that happened only just a few hours later in Lebanon’s capital city.

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