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Documentary of Syrian Army operations in south Idlib after Al-Hobait

The ANNA News Agency has released a 22-minute video showcasing Syrian Army advances around the city of Khan Sheykhun in southern Idlib province following its capture of Al-Hobait.
Specifically, the documentary by ANNA covers a key advance made east of Al-Hobait along the Idlib-Hama provincial border, towards the western gates of Khan Sheykhun that saw the Syrian Army seize Kafr Ayn and Tal As (giving fire support units line-of-sight fire control over parts of the city).
The usual array of Tiger Forces Division special weaponry is displayed in the video, including T-90A main battle tanks, night-vision sighted assault rifles and targeting drones for the guidance of precision air and artillery munitions.
The ANNA crew embedded with the Syrian Army during the operation to take Tal As noted the more-than-usual degree of militant shelling against advancing units, particularly in terms of large Grad rocket salvos.

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