Developing: Iran's stolen oil tanker released in defiance of US wishes

Authorities in Gibraltar have ordered the release of a large oil tanker owned by Iran that was hijacked and detained by British special forces back in July. According to officials, they no longer wished to detain it.
In the last 24 hours, the US had undertook legal political measures to try prevent the release of the Iran’s Grace 1 vessel (reported to have been carry two million barrels of oil at the time it was seized) by having detainment rights passed over to American authorities.
The UK has attempted to justify its seizure of Grace 1 by claiming that the Iranian tanker was heading to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions against the Assad government.
The US praised the UK move, however its very recent efforts to have the vessel transferred to American control have been denied by a British supreme court ruling which ultimately ordered that the tanker be released.
Where the vessel will travel to once it sets sail is yet to be seen.

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