Breaking: Syrian Army slashes its way forward on new front in south Idlib (MAP)

In a surprise move, the Syrian Army – led by key offensive units – has opened a new front against militant groups in southern Idlib province amid what appears to be an operation aimed at a great encirclement.
Minutes ago, field reporters speaking to Muraselon News confirmed that the Syrian Army kicked-off a powerful assault against insurgent factions towards the town of Sukayk, capturing the hilltop of Tal Sukayk in the process thus far.
The move signifies a possible encirclement operation to force militant groups to either retreat from northern Hama and parts of southern Idlib or risk being surrounded and annihilated.
Military sources talking to Muraselon News clarified that the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division and the battle-hardened 4th Mechanized Division are leading the charge against jihadist militias in this area.
Historically, the question as to whether or not the town of Atshan (south of Tal Sukayk) was under government control was a disputed. The reality was that neither side controlled it fully (despite a military checkpoint on the southwest entrance of the town) because both sides had fire-control over it (Syrian Army via Tal Zaatar and the militants via Tal Sukayk).
Now that the Syrian Army holds Tal Sukayk, government forces can begin to establish proper positions and staging areas in Atshan to support front-line operations in this combat sector.
For a HD map of situation, click .

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