Breaking: Syrian Army nears east Khan Sheykhun amid new advance

On the eastern flank of the Khan Sheykhun operation in Idlib province, the Syrian Army has scored another series of gains and is now approaching the militant stronghold city from this direction.
Field sources speaking to Muraselon News have confirmed that in the last hour, the Syrian Army managed to capture the Tal Ter’i farms, the nearby sugar factory and the Sousse area just east of Khan Sheykhun.
This advance comes not long after the Syrian Army managed to seize the strategic hilltop of Tal Ter’i, granting government forces fire-control over a large portion of the surrounding region, including Khan Sheykhun city and most of militant-held northern Hama province.
Whilst it cannot be confirmed yet, it seems to be the case that jihadist lines on the eastern flank of Khan Sheykhun have collapsed given the number of rapid advances achieved by the Syrian Army on Wednesday.
Ten days ago, the Syrian Army kicked-off its operation to outflank Khan Sheykhun from the eastern direction, advancing via the Atshan axis towards Sukayk. The assault was met with fanatical resistance from hard-line jihadist groups who launched at least three counter-attacks over six days, all of which failed and resulted in heavy losses among their ranks.

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