Breaking: Syrian air defenses respond to Israeli missiles over Damascus city

Field sources told Muraselon News that Syrian air defenses have launched a number of missiles in response to an Israeli attack against Damascus city.
Local sources have also begun to report the sound of detonations around the Damascus city area.
The scale of the attack is still unknown at this time and it appears to be limited to just the Damascus region, apparently south of the city near the international airport (a strategic location often attacked by Israel).
There are also unconfirmed reports that Mezzah Airbase (another strategic location often targeted by Israel) has come under attack. One thing that seems confirmed is that Syrian air defense units based at Mezzah were part of the responding forces.
So far it is believed that Syrian air defenses have responded with at least eight missiles.
Syrian state media (SANA) claims that as of 11:49 P.M. the attack was still ongoing.