Breaking: New Syrian Army offensive sees major advance in Idlib (MAP)

The Syrian Army has kicked-off a new offensive operation in the southern countryside of Idlib province, advancing to seize a number of towns in recent hours by way of an assault spearheaded by elite forces.
According to field sources speaking to Muraselon News, the Syrian Army – led by the elite Tiger Forces Division – has captured the towns of Kuwayn al-Kabir and Ard Az-Zurzur as well as the hilltop of Tal Akbar from Islamist insurgent groups in southeastern Idlib province.
Furthermore, Syrian Army advance units have captured the farms around the jihadist stronghold of At-Tamanaa; progress is still being made with the intention to seize the town.
The battle so far has witnessed violent clashes with medium and heavy weapons as well as the dedicated involvement of both the Syrian and Russian air forces who have been striking militant movements, positions and rally-points across southern Idlib.
The exact scope of the new Syrian Army offensive operation in Idlib’s southern countryside is unknown, however, some analysts believe that government forces may actually make a push for Murat al-Numan to secure a larger part of the M-5 Highway; the days and weeks to come will likely tell.
For a HD version of the map above, click here.

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