Australia pledges military forces to US-led Strait of Hormuz mission

Australia has pledged military forces in support of the US-led Strait of Hormuz mission to guard Persian Gulf shipping. The development comes after months of heightened tension in the region between the US and Iran.
Announced by Australia’s Ministry of Defense, the military contingent that is to join the US-led effort in the Strait of Hormuz includes one navy frigate (most likely Anzac-class) and a P-8 surveillance aircraft.
Specifically, the Australian surveillance aircraft will carry-out a month of duty in the Middle East and return to Australia before the end of the year, whilst the navy frigate is expected to arrive in the Strait of Hormuz region by January 2020 from which point it will conduct a tour of duty for an unknown period of time.
In addition to all of this, a small contingent of Australian military personnel will be based at an international forces installation in Bahrain.
This development makes Australia the third nation (after the United Kingdom and Bahrain) to join the US-led Strait of Hormuz mission.

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