Watch Syrian army ATGM team eliminates rebels TOW missile operator

A video published on Friday shows the Syrian Army Anti-tank guided missile teams (ATGM) in action against jihadist rebels in the north-western countryside of Hama province.
The video was posted online by al-Quds brigade official Facebook page who fight alongside the Syrian Army in Hama which shows various ATGM missiles shot by the Syrian troops against rebel targets across the front-lines in Hama.
According to a Syrian military source, one of the missiles launched in the video managed to eliminate an enemy ATGM team that was operating a US-made TOW missile system in the surroundings of Kafr Nabudah town in north-western Hama CS.
This is the first footage of usage of ATGMs by the Syrian Army in the ongoing Hama offensive despite that Syrian troops are being heavily using them against jihadist rebels in the area.

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