Thrilling footage of Syrian Army Tiger Forces in action against Rebels in northern Hama

Video footage posted on the social media shows the Syrian Army elite Tiger forces in action against jihadist rebels in north-western Hama countryside.
The footage shows the Syrian troops while storming Tall Hawash and al-Jabriyah before imposing full control over both of them.
The army units stormed the rebel held towns under heavy fire cover by the Russian air force and Syrian missile strikes.
Early on today, the Syrian army managed to impose full control over Tall Hawash (hill), Hawash and Jabriyah towns after a brief battle with militant groups of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkish backed rebel groups.
By this advance, Tiger forces has secured the western axis of recently captured Kafr Nabudah and will propel Syrian troops to advance north toward strategic Jabal al-Zawiyah region.

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