Syrian Army News | Syrian Army captured Kafr Nabudah, advance forward in Hama — Map Update

The Syrian Arab Army imposed full control over the strategic town of Kafr Nabudah in the northwestern countryside of Hama province following heavy clashes with militants in the area.
The Army stormed the town at early morning where clashes lasted several hours before the Syrian troops managed to fully secure the town.
A field source told Muraselon News that tens of militants were killed in the attack and their vehicles destroyed, also large amount of weapons were seized, adding that army units continue to work on dismantling the IEDs planted by militants inside the town.
At the same time, Syrian army units managed to target and destroy with ATGM a VBIED belong to jihadists near Tall Hawash west of Kafr Nabudah while attempting to reach the army positions in the town.
The importance of Kafr Nabudah comes from its strategic position as it links southern Idlib and northern Hama countrysides, also it serves as the main supply lines for jihadists between Qalaat al-Madqi to the west and Khan Sheikhoun to the east.
Meanwhile, Syrian army is heavy targeting with missiles and artillery strikes rebel’s positions and defenses in the surroundings of Hobait town just east of Kafr Nabudah in attempt to storm and capture the town.

خريطة ريف حماة الشمالي كفرنبودة
خريطة ريف حماة الشمالي / موقع مراسلون

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