What’s Russia S 300 missile system doing in the United States ? (Photo)

New Satellite imagery released by military enthusiast shows Russian S 300 PT surface-to-air missile system at the military range in the United States.
Enthusiast posted imagery of surface-to-air missile system on social media that looks like elements of the Soviet-designed S-300PT system.
A 30N6 fire control system and semi-trailer arrangements of 5P85 Transporter Erector Launchers (TEL) have been seen in satellite imagery of the U.S. military range. All these vehicles are part of the S 300 PT surface-to-air missile system.

S-300PТ system is designed for the defensive purpose of administrative, industrial and military buildings and objects against all kind air attacks.
The U.S. military commonly practices air assault with Russian-style air defense systems during training exercises. It uses styled or real combat vehicles and air defense systems to add extra realism to various exercises.
The Russian air defense missile system is mostly obtained by the United States from former Soviet-Union country Ukraine.