Russian releases statement regarding reports on death of four military servicemen in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry published a statement on Thursday denying earlier media reports that four Russian military servicemen were allegedly killed in northwest Syria.
According to the ministry, a number of mass media outlets reported earlier that four Russian military servicemen were allegedly killed in Hama province due to militant’s shelling.
“Not a single Russian military serviceman was killed recently on the territory of Syria,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in the statement. “All representatives of the Russian Armed Forces currently deployed in Syria are well and alive and fulfilling their duties.”
“Recent media reports [on four casualties] are another set of fake news,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, some Russian media outlets are reporting unreliable information, which has been circulated on purpose by militants from terrorist organizations via social networks.”
Yesterday, Turkish-backed National Liberation Front claimed they killed four Russian military servicemen in mortar shelling on Braideej town in north-western Hama countryside.

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