In video: Watch how the Syrian Army liberated Kafr Nabudah in northern Hama

A video footage was published by the Russian Anna News Agency of the Syrian Army military operation which led to recapture of Kafr Nabudah in northern Hama countryside.
Following the expire of the 72 hours ceasefire in northern Hama on May 21th, the jihadist rebels led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham started a massive offensive against the Syrian army in Kafr Nabudah taking advantage of the 3 days ceasefire to bring up big amount of reinforcements to the area.
The militant groups managed on the evening of May 22 to enter and capture Kafr Nabudah following withdrawal of the Syrian troops from the city.
For the next 4 days, the Syrian Army led by Tiger Forces were preparing to recapture the strategic city and heavy shelled with artillery,missiles and airstrikes the jihadists across Kafr Nabudah before finally storming and recapturing it on May 26th.
The video footage shows how airstrikes destroyed Hayat Tahrir al-Sham tanks and vehicles as well as their fortified positions in and around Kafr Nabudah.
Also, video includes thrilling drone footage of precious strikes on militants vehicles and bases prior and during storming of the city by Tiger Forces.

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