Houthis Shoot Down US-Made MQ-1 Drone over Yemen (Video)

The Houthis Air Defense Force shot down a US-made drone also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.
According to sources, the UAV was a US-made MQ-1 Predator and claimed that it was carrying out a reconnaissance sortie over the Yemeni capital. A video of the UAV’s wreckage was released by the Houthis’ media wing.
The MQ-1 drone, which was first introduced by General Atomics in 1995, has a range of 1,200 km and an endurance of 24 hours. The domestic variants of the UAV can be armed with two AGM-114 Hellfire or up to six AGM-176 Griffin guided missiles for combat missions.
The CIA is known for operating an advanced variant of the MQ-1 over Yemen. However, the UAE military also possess and operates an unarmed variant of the UAV known as Predator XP.

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