Watch Moment a Chinese JH-7 fighter jet crashes killing both pilots

A video was posted online shows the moment a Chinese navy fighter jet type JH-7 crashed during a training in Hainan province, killing both pilots.
According to the Chinese defense ministry, the accident happened on March 12 during a training in Hainan province, adding that there were no casualties on the ground, and that the cause of the accident was under investigation.
China’s military, which is undergoing a well-funded modernization drive, has had other accidents in recent years.
An air force plane crashed in Guizhou province during a training exercise in January 2018, killing crew members onboard, the air force said, without revealing the number.
State media reported the crash of an aircraft carrier-based J-15 fighter in April 2018 during training, resulting in the death of the pilot.

In 2015, two pilots died during a training session when their plane engine caught fire shortly after take off, state media reported at the time.

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