Syrian Army News | Syrian army scores new advance in northern Hama amid rebels collapse

The Syrian Army units have scored yet another advance into the rebel-held region in north-western Hama as rebel defensive lines start to collapse due to intense shelling and airstrikes.
Spearheaded by the elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Army imposed full control over strategic Tell Othman hill after heavy clashes with jihadi groups and rebel factions in the area.
The capture of Tell Othman propel the army troops to have fire control over large parts of rebels stronghold Kafr Nabudah which is the main goal of the army forces in that axis.
Syrian army
Early on, the Syrian troops managed to capture two towns in the area following heavy artillery and missile shelling, as well as intense aerial bombardment by the Russian and Syrian warplanes.
The new offensive launched by the Syrian army and allies aim to fully control the de-escalation zone which expands between various areas in Hama and Idlib provinces.