Venezuela: people in civilian clothes shoot at protestors in Caracas— Report

A couple of armed people wearing civilian clothes have opened fire at protestors taking part in an anti-Maduro demonstration in the district of Venezuela’s capital Caracas, the Nacional local newspaper has reported.
Two people were taken to an hospital with gunshot wounds, the paper added.
Photos from the site of the attack show demonstrate two men, one carrying a weapon resembling a rifle, the other holds a pistol.
Rallies to protest massive power outages took place in Caracas and other cities on Sunday.
In the Venezuelan capital, angry crowds gathered outside the presidential administration, Palacio de Miraflores, and blocked roads leading to it, demanding that the government restore electricity supplies. There were no reports of clashes with security forces.
Security measures were tightened near Miraflores ahead of the rally, including the deployment of several armored vehicles, as well as numerous military patrols and National Guard officers.
Several major power outages were registered in Venezuela this week.

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