Syrian Army targets Turkistan Islamic Party in Hama countryside, destroys their hideouts

The Syrian Arab Army units targeted Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) jihadists in the northern countryside of Hama in retaliation for their breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement.
A field source from Hama said that the army units carried out concentrated missile and artillery shelling targeting (TIP) bases and fortifications on outskirts of al-Ankawi and Shorlin towns in the north-western countryside of Hama.
The source added that the operations inflicted losses in personnel and equipment upon the jihadists, destroying a number of their hideouts and fortified positions, in addition to some of their weapons and ammo.
The (TIP) is the Syrian branch of the Turkistan Islamic Party, an armed Uyghur Salafist jihadist group with a presence in the Syrian war. While the TIP has been active in Syria, the organization’s core leadership is based in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with a presence in its home territory of China.

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