Syria..SDF transports military aircrafts from Tabqa airbase toward unknown destination

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have transferred military aircrafts and military supplies from the Tabqa airbase in Raqqa toward unknown destination inside Hasakaeh city, field sources reported.
According to the sources, tens of military trucks belong to SDF entered Hasakeh city through Amuda crossing coming from Tabqa airbase in western Raqqa countryside while carrying military aircrafts and various military supplies.
The Syrian Democratic Forces captured the Tabqa base 2 years ago after a long battle with the Islamic State (ISIS) in the area, where reports surfaced following the capture of Tabqa that the SDF handed in the airbase to the US-led Coalition forces to use it for launching airstrikes against ISIS during the East Euphrates battle.
At the same time, the US coalition also announced that they carried out maintenance and restoration work on the military airbase in order to add it to the US bases established on the Syrian territory.
Worth adding that the Syrian Democratic Forces announced earlier its intention to restore Tabqa airbase in Raqqa in order to make it first airport under control of the Kurdish forces in Syria.
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