Russia's new attack drone flight model to be showcased at Army-2019

The first public demonstration of a complex of Russia’s Korsar attack drone flight model and its target loads will take place at the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2019.
“The drone that will be presented at the exhibition [Army-2019] is equipped with an engine developed by ‘Luch’ design bureau, which during the tests confirmed necessary efficiency and fault tolerance characteristics in a wide range of external conditions,” the source said, adding that the multi functional complex would be showcased along with a large number of replaceable target loads, allowing the drone to accomplish a wide range of tasks.
The 440-pound Korsar has a wingspan of 6.5 meters (20 feet) and can reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour (over 90 miles per hour).
Versatility is an important feature of Korsar since, in addition to military use, it can also be used for civilian purposes such as environmental monitoring, control of roads and infrastructure, prevention of forest fires, and search and rescue operations.
Army-2019 forum will be held on 25-30 June in the Moscow Region.