Russia supplied the Syrian Army with advanced weapons for upcoming Idlib battle — Army official

Russia has supplied the Syrian army with new advanced weapons for the upcoming Idlib battle, a Syrian Army source told the Russian Sputnik news agency.
“Russian military experts are teaching the Syrian army troops on how to use the new advanced weapons to confront the terrorist groups in Idlib province”, the source said.
The military source added that the newly obtained weapons including Man-portable anti-tank missile systems and anti-drone guns to counter terrorists drone attacks.
The source further cautioned that the terrorist groups have also been supplied with advanced weapons in Idlib province in recent months including new shipments of armed drones obtained through the Turkish-Syrian border.
Throughout much of the Syrian civil war, Idlib province has served as a relocation point for Syrian opposition fighters and rebel groups defeated militarily by the Syrian Army in other parts of the country with estimation of more than 100,000 militants in Idlib.

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