Breaking: Qatar airways began to use Syrian airspace after eight years of pause

Qatar airways began today to fly over the Syrian airspace in their commercial flights after eight years of pause due to the Syrian war.
On Monday, Damascus has granted permission for regional aviation giant Qatar Airways to use the country’s airspace.
Syria’s transport ministry announced the decision in a statement saying: “Transport Minister Ali Hammoud has agreed to allow Qatar Airways to cross Syrian airspace, based on a request from the Qatari civil aviation authority.”
“The agreement came on the principle of reciprocity, as Syrian Air crosses Qatari airspace and never stopped flying to Doha throughout the war,” the statement continued. The statement explained that the use of Syrian airspace would see “increased revenues in hard currency for the benefit of the Syrian state”.
The decision to allow Qatar, which has traditionally supported the Syrian opposition forces, to fly its planes over the war torn Arab Republic is another sign of Syria’s rehabilitation into the region having been suspended from the Arab League in November 2011.