Putin does not rule out full-scale attack on Idlib

Russia’s Putin said on Saturday that the fight against terrorists in Idlib must be pursued, but that civilians should be taken into consideration before a comprehensive operation there, referring to a possible attack on the region.
“We have to continue to fight the terrorists in the Syrian Idlib, I do not rule out a comprehensive attack in Idlib, but this is not appropriate now, we have to think about the civilian population before making any decision to launch a comprehensive offensive in Idlib,” Putin said.
At the same time, Putin considered that “it is difficult to fully agree on candidates for membership of the Constitution Drafting Committee in Syria,” stressing “working with the opposition on this committee,” in an effort to reach a political settlement of the conflict.
Putin stressed that Russia will continue to fight terrorism in Idlib, warning terrorists there that if they continue to carry out attacks, they will face a response and will be hit, “adding:” They felt the truth of that. ”
“The Syrian opposition considers the government of President Bashar al-Assad to be victorious and this is true and realistic,” Putin told a news conference in Beijing on Saturday. “But this government is not trying to impose its position on the constitutionality of the constitutional committee.

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