Military source reveals what the Russian airstrikes targeted last night in Idlib

Army military source has revealed what the Russian air force targeted in the massive wave of airstrikes last night in western and southern Idlib countryside.
The military source told Sputnik news agency that the army’s surveillance drones spotted suspicious activities of militants in the surroundings of Ariha city in western Idlib countryside where militants were transporting weapons and ammunition to the area which required immediate response by the army.
The source added that following this development, the Russian air force launched 14 airstrikes targeting the positions and movements of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the area where all weapon shipments were destroyed as result of the operation.
The destroyed weapons were supposed to be transferred toward the front-lines with the Syrian army to use it against them.
Despite the Idlib’s de-escalation zone agreement that was signed between Turkey and Russia, the militant’s groups in northern Syria continue to violate the agreement and attack the Syrian army positions, sources said that the army supported by Russia are preparing a big offensive to kick the jihadists out of the de-escalation zone.

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