Iraqi Police arrests man selling Saddam wristwatches in central Baghdad

Iraqi police arrested a man selling wristwatches that displayed photographs of former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, in central Baghdad.
Iraqi authorities, since the fall of Saddam, prohibit the promotion of the former regime and the Ba’ath party.
The Baghdad police department in a statement said they had received a tip from a concerned citizen that someone was selling wristwatches with pictures of Saddam Hussein in the background.
The statement did not give further details about the arrest.
Iraq’s constitution prohibits the existence of the former Ba’ath party led by Saddam.
The Iraqi judiciary recently said no decision or law had been implemented to punish Saddam Hussein’s supporters and pointed out that any step in this regard should be first initiated by the Iraqi Parliament.
Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging on Saturday, December 30, 2006, after being convicted of crimes against humanity.
Sixteen years have passed since the removal of the authoritarian system in Iraq, yet the country continues to suffer from a chronic lack of basic services, poor infrastructure, high unemployment rates, poverty, and widespread corruption.