Watch Fortnite Limited Time Mode (Avengers Endgame) Trailer

The latest update for the famous Battle Royale game “Fortnite” brings a new limited time mode inspired by the movie (Avengers: Endgame) on Thursday.
The new trailer for Fortnite “Endgame” mode, which you can watch below, shows Thanos and his army as an immediate threat to take on, and also gives glimpses of the “Avengers” items up for grabs in the mode, including Captain America’s famous shield and Thor’s Stormbreaker axe.

In the mode, players can take on Thanos and his army, preventing them from finding all six infinity stones if they’re on the Hero team. They must destroy the Thanos’s army (Chitauri) and Thanos himself, and as fast as possible, because each infinity stone gathered brings extra abilities to Team Thanos.
Players can also be on Team Thanos, in which case the objective is to find infinity stones as quickly as possible, and then take out all the heroes once they’re found. Heroes can’t respawn once all the stones are gathered. The first Chitauri soldier who finds a stone will transform into Thanos, which means they get his exciting abilities, including a powerful punch and beam attack, as well as the ability to high jump and subsequently smash anything unfortunate enough to be in the way on the way down.

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