Breaking: Crimea to export oil derivatives to Syria — Crimea President

Crimea is planning to export wheat and oil derivatives to Syria, President of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov said on Friday.
Aksyonov told Russian news Agency of Sputnik that there are plans to export wheat, petroleum derivatives and power tools to Syria as well as rebuilding railways in the war-torn country.
He pointed out that the partnerships have been identified whether from Crimea or the land part of Russia as they are willing to export products to Syria.
The Crimean President noted that a shipment of wheat and other industrial products is being prepared for heading to Syria, pointing out that a joint shipment company is being founded, adding that Syria will export citrus fruits, olive and olive oil to Russia.
Syria has been suffering from oil shortages for more than six months now. President Bashar al-Assad, speaking in February, said the crisis was part of a siege imposed by the west, including the United States, which has imposed sanctions that broadly prohibit any trade with Damascus.

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