Syria ..Turkey reopens key border crossing with Syrian government

Turkey’s southeastern border gate with Syria reopened on March 5 after an eight-year hiatus.
According to a source in Latakia, Turkey reopened the Kassab Crossing for the first time since the jihadist rebels forced its closure in 2014.
Following the reopening of the Kassab Crossing, approximately 100 people were reported to have traveled from Turkey’s Hatay Province to Syria’s Latakia Governorate.
Turkish trucks had to stop at the border gate and transfer their goods to Syrian trucks.
While the Syrian and Turkish governments currently have no diplomatic ties, they both have made it clear that they do want to resume inter-border commerce and trade.
In the meantime, a border gate between Turkey and northern Syria’s Afrin region is ready and will be opened next week, Turkey’s Trade Minister said on March 5, advancing a project aimed at speeding up aid and equipment flows.
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