Suicide bombing targets meeting of SDF leaders in Raqqa

A terrorist bombing took place in the Beit Khabur area in Raqqa Province, carried out by a suicide bomber from ISIS terrorist organization, killing 3 people and injuring 12 others, most of them in serious condition.

A Sputnik correspondent in Raqqa said that: during a meeting between the leaders of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the elders of the tribes in the Judaydat Khabur area today, a suicide bomber from the Islamic State blew himself up in the meeting, which led to the killing of three tribal elders and wounding eight others in addition to wounding four SDF leaders.

Since the middle of last January, a popular uprising by the Arab tribes against the SDF and against the US-led Coalition began in Raqqa, after elements of SDF killed a young man from a clan that attacked a headquarters of SDF and burned it and expelled SDF forces outside the towns of Hnida and Mansoura and Safsafa in the western Raqqa countryside.

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