ISIS not fully defeated in Baghouz , SDF scores new advance

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) supported by the US Led Coalition have scored new advance against ISIS and captured Bagouz al-Seghira town near the Euphrates river following capture of Baghouz camp couple of days ago.
Commander in SDF forces Adnan Afrin said in a statement that the clashes continue on the southern axis of Baghouz camp where SDF managed to capture new points including the small town of Baghouz Seghira.
Adnan added that hundreds of Daesh terrorists surrendered to SDF and were transferred to a safe location.
As for the number of ISIS fighters remaining in al-Bagouz, Adnan Afrin said, “The clashes continue with all their strength. Our forces have managed to control a number of strategic points and the campaign continues. Thousands of mercenaries surrendered to SDF. There are still about 1,000 mercenaries who refused to surrender and our mission continue until mercenaries are completely eliminated.”
He also said that remaining mercenaries who refused to surrender were stationed in the trenches dug inside al-Bagouz hills and the military operations against them continue.

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