French ISIS members captured by Iraqi intelligence in Syria

The spokesman for the joint operations of Iraq, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, said on Wednesday, that they managed to arrest French Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria.
In a special statement to Sputnik in Iraq, Rasul said: “In a qualitative operation of the Iraqi intelligence service, we managed to arrest 13 members belong to the terrorist organization” Daesh “, who hold French nationality.
Rasul added that “the operation took place after the terrorist elements were lured into the Syrian territory.” and they will be sued by the Iraqi judiciary.
Saleh visited France on Monday 25 February, and made his remarks during a press conference with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macaron, according to the official Office of the Iraqi Presidency on “Twitter”.
The Iraqi president said they would be sued according to Iraqi law, pointing out that they are accused of committing crimes against Iraqis, and Iraqi installations in Iraq, in which is permitted by international law.

Syria ..Kurdish Militia Capture 400 ISIS Trying To Flee Last Enclave


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