In Video : Bear mauls a man in India as he desperately try to escape

A video was posted on the social media shows the moment a bear mauls a forest officer and chases him into a reservoir during a rescue operation that went wrong.

Forest protection officer, Kumar, had been trying to drive the bear away from Velugodu Reservoir in Andhra Pradesh, India, and take it to the forest.

Kumar and other officers had cornered the bear, and were trying to tie it up with ropes when it broke free and began its attack.

The bear had run into the reservoir to try and get away from the forest workers that were trying to rescue it.

He then starts charging towards Kumar, who dashes into the reservoir to try and escape.

He makes it into the water just before the bear catches up to him and mauls him.

Other forest workers managed to stop the attack by throwing stones at the bear to distract it.

Kumar was rushed to Kurnool General hospital and he is still there recovering from his injuries.

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