New WhatsApp Emoji Causing Controversy due to Sexual Connotation (PHOTO)

WhatsApp has released several new emoji stickers over the last few days that contain new expressions can be used by users according to their emotional state.

During 2019, WhatsApp has released more than 230 new emoji stickers, including entirely new emoticons.

According to the German DW site, one of the emoji stickers that WhatsApp intends to include later in its upcoming updates, has angered many males about the meaning of this symbol, which in English means “Pinching Hand”.

The male critics said that this new emoji had only one explanation for using it for vulgar purposes, and one of them tweeted that this symbol refers to a “short male penis” or unwanted penis.

According to the German “Extra-Top” site, WhatsApp has agreed on the list of the new emoji stickers, and it will be released on March 5 next.

The controversial emoji sticker will be released next August on Android devices, while iPhone users will have to wait until next November.

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