SDF denies taking full control of ISIS last bastion in eastern Syria

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied taking full control of ISIS last stronghold, stressing the continuation of military operations in a small area that remains under ISIS control in the eastern Euphrates region of eastern Syria.

“There is no complete control so far on ISIS bastions in the last enclave, there is only control of al-Baguz desert, ISIS still control very small area,” SDF spokesman gabriel kino told Sputnik news agency on Saturday.

“The military operations continue in this region in order to eliminate ISIS organization, and take full control of East Euphrates, and then declare the final victory over terrorism.” Kino added.

Reuters news agency quoted a leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, on Saturday, that the troops will take control of ISIS last pocket in eastern Syria “in a very short time.”

Reuters said that ISIS elements currently control only about 700 square meters, but SDF fighters are advancing cautiously because of the presence of civilians and hostages held by the terrorist organization.

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