New Russian jamming system leaves enemy soldiers with effects of drug abuse and makes them delirious

A source at “Ross Electronica” said that the company has produced jamming systems to blind the enemy soldiers at night and make them suffer from delirium and nausea.

The source said that the “Vellin” jamming systems modify the brightness of light rays, causing visual disturbances in enemy soldiers and irritates their visual nerves to see strange things.

The source pointed out that these systems were tested on volunteers, who were asked to shoot individual weapons on a target, and none of them could see the target to shoot at.

The source added that “20% of the volunteers indicated their sense of hallucinations and seeing light spots swimming in front of their eyes, while 45% of them suffered from nausea, dizziness and derealization.

The source said that “Vellin” systems have been installed on the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov frigates.

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