Russia unveils new generation of "Tornado" multiple rocket launcher

For the first time, the Tichmash company showcased unique footage of the Tornado-G rocket launcher at IDEX-2019.

In a three-dimensional display, the audience were able to watch a the rocket launcher through 360-degree camera glasses.

The Tornado-G can fire 122 mm artillery shells, including Tornado-G and Grad rocket rockets.

For the first time, the Russian pavilion at IDEX showcased  ammunition for the Tornado-G rocket launchers, 122 mm non-122mm rockets with high-explosive warheads. It was designed to destroy trenches, unmanned equipment, command centers and other targets.

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“The missile is able to hit targets behind the folds of the earth (different slopes, valleys, etc.) and in the mountains, 5 to 20 km away, and operating at temperatures between -50 and +50 Celsius degrees,” said Tichmash’s general manager.

The IDEX which is one of the leading shows in the defence industry, kicked-off in Abu Dhabi on February 17 and will last till February 21.