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Russia announces S-400 delivery date to Turkish army

Russia’s advanced S-400 anti-ballistic missile defense systems will be delivered to Turkey in accordance with the contract by the autumn of this year. head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia “Dmitry Shugayev” said on Wednesday.

“Turkey’s order book today exceeds $ 1 billion, in 2017, as you know, the contract for S-400 was signed.” Dmitry Shugayev said in an interview to the Kommersant newspaper on Wednesday.

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Shugayev added: “We’ve already made adjustments to the deadlines twice, and by the autumn of 2019 the commitments will be fulfilled. Turkey has ambitions for the development of the national defense industry, in a number of areas it has already succeeded in this sense. Therefore, partners are attracted to topics such as the joint development of equipment, including aviation.”

Shugayev noted that Russia can offer Turkey specific solutions for projects of interest to them, and that Russia is ready for cooperation in aviation technology and engines. He added that in addition to China, Turkey and India, about 10 countries are counting on getting the S-400.

S-400 is world’s most advanced interceptor based long range air defense system, capable of firing a variety of different missiles, including surface to air defense missile, and is estimated to have an operational range of 400 kilometers, it is designed to destroy strategic and tactical aircraft and ballistic missiles.

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