Latest Russian armored vehicle can swim

Russia continues to test a new armored vehicle.

“The dynamic capability of the new armored vehicle is now being tested,” Sergey Abdolov, Director at the machinery factory in Kurgan, Russia, told Sputnik.

“The final test will take place in autumn 2019”, he added.

The new armored vehicle, the BT-3F amphibious armoured personnel carrier, was displayed for the first time at the armory of the Russian Army Armia 2016.

The new BT-3F, which is an alternative to the MT-LB, manufactured in Soviet times, is capable of swimming, and can be dropped from military aircraft by parachute.

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The new armored vehicle can move at 70 kilometers per hour on land and at 10 kilometers per hour on water. It can accommodate 14 soldiers and is led by a crew of three.

The BT-3F is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun with a night vision device and a laser rangefinder, and it’s controlled remotely.

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