Drills of Russian Helicopters On " Blind Landing " On Shipboard (VIDEO)

The crew of the anti-submarine warfare helicopter “Ka-27” of the Baltic Fleet have trained on landing on shipboard in the open sea. The drills were conducted day and night in difficult climatic conditions, in strong snow and winds.

Helicopters landed on board the Project 20380 cruisers and the latest guard ship “Yaroslav Modry”. In total, during the drills, pilots carried out more than 60 landing on shipboard, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Night flights have a special place in the training program for helicopter crews. Each pilot must have the necessary skills to control the helicopter in limited visibility conditions, when it is necessary to perform safe takeoff and landing on shipboard, focusing only on the tools.

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Also, as part of the training, tactical methods have been developed to search for submarines, track them and destroy them with bombs.


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