China develops sixth-generation fighter jet

Head of the Research and Design Institute in Chengdu Wang Haifeng said that China will develop a sixth-generation fighter by 2035.

Haifeng pointed out that some of the new features of the sixth-generation fighter include artificial intelligence, the ability to control drones, a higher level of confidentiality thanks to aerodynamic design.

According to Global Times, Technologies such as laser, adaptive motors and supersonic weapons will become part of the new fighter jet. Developers will identify some of these features and add others that best suit China’s needs.

The United States, Russia and Japan are also developing sixth-generation fighter jets. They are likely to emerge in 2030-2040.

The site noted that other countries are actively developing new-generation fighter jets. France and Germany announced that they would jointly establish the next generation of system, which is expected to be finished by 2040. 

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