US forces ask Syrian Army to lower national flag in northern Syria (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged of a verbal exchange that took place between US forces and Syrian Army troops several days ago in northern Syria.
Specifically, US troops patrolling nearby to Syrian Army lines west of Manbij city asked government forces to lower the Syrian national flag. This request was refused by the local Syrian Army officer responsible for monitoring the area.
Following the refusal, the US troops departed back towards their own lines without any further incident.
In all probability, the American request was likely due to fact that US patrol zones near Manbij now overlap with Syrian Army patrol zones, following a massive reinforcement by the latter into the Manbij region.
In the last week, the Syrian Army has considerably boosted its presence near Manbij city, sending in key first-line units belonging to the 1st Armoured Division and 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard.

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