Syrian Army ends retention and recall of military personnel aged 42 years and above

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces issued an administrative order ending the retention and recalling of officers, non-commissioned Officers, personnel and civilian reservists who are 42 years old and above, except for human doctors.

According to the official Syrian news agency “SANA”, the administrative order issued by the General Command of the army and the armed forces ends the retention and recalling of officers, non-commissioned Officers personnel and civilian reservists, including those who had a backup call, who had a 35 percent disability, regardless of the cause of the disability.

The administrative order also ends the retention of reserve officers held in the courses 253,251,250, except for human doctors, with the exclusion of anyone who has a flight or service missing more than 30 days.

The administrative order will be effective from the 10th of next February.

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